Investment Strategy

Investment Focus

We invest across the
healthcare value

Digital Healthcare

Leveraging technology to improve healthcare access and outcomes


Developing quality healthcare products with global appeal


Specialty focused products which help reduce the overall cost of care

Healthcare Delivery

Innovative business models which improve clinical outcomes at affordable costs

Healthcare Services

Enhancing quality of care and eliminating inefficiencies

Our Differentiation

Value Creation Approach

We Create Tangible Value For Our Companies Through Pro-active Engagement.
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Vivek Tiwari | CEO, Medikabazaar

Team building

HealthQuad team has been actively helping us in identifying and selecting the right talent for senior management roles

Identify and onboard key talent
Build HR strategy

Abhishek Kapoor | COO, Regency Healthcare

Margin Improvement

The HealthQuad team worked closely with us to optimize our sales and marketing strategy and recommended innovative doctor engagement models based on their prior expertise

Identify and track segmental profitability/ KPIs
Optimize specialty mix and surgical packages
Innovative doctor engagement models

Akansh Khurana | CEO, THB

Business Model Re-alignment

HealthQuad is one of the few VC investors (may be the only one) that understands healthcare inside-out. There is a thoroughness to every decision they take -- with a fundamental focus on unit economics and scale (no side stories -- it's always about the core business). Given their deep understanding of healthcare, and focus on real metrics, they have been playing an instrumental role for us at THB in shaping our solutions / offerings and our go-to-market strategy.

Refine product/value proposition
Orchestrate new revenue models

C Mallikarjuna | CEO, AINU

Corporate Governance

HealthQuad helped us develop internal processes and best practices to effectively monitor business performance

Institutionalize corporate governance practices
Streamline internal processes
New geography expansion

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